We Empower Brands
Kim's Clothing designed to be pleasant, innovative, caring & compassionate. We have attracted the clients with our innovation & efforts to cover all the generation's fashion and their needs. We possess a wide variety of styles for youngsters and adults while keeping their comfort on the top priority.
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Together We Can Do More Good
We have a specialized professional team of experts for each area of the business, with the idea of maintaining excellence we’ve chosen some of the best in their field. We believe in bringing an exceptional concept to be innovative and distinctive.
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From Raw Material To Ready Product
We build a chain progress to enhance the productivity and capabilities to create a powerful brand.
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Analysis, Research and Achievement.
We cover a large retail market and industries with years of experience and expertise to bring the results.
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From Fashion To Home Textile
We range up to a variety of products across the world.
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We put experience and efforts to create an iconic brand
We possess years of experience and expertise to create a brand that speaks itself. We are not only specialized in denim but also fleece, jersey, nylon, cotton, etc.
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What do we offer?

Kims Clothing Inc is a mill direct company headquartered in Karachi -Pakistan with sales offices strategically located globally to serve customer in better way. We are not agent but we are Business Development Company.   With a strong history of working for national and international brands.  We are specialized in product development trend research, merchandising, concept & design, fabric / trim sourcing, vendor selection, sampling, buying, planning, pricing & quality control.

Cost-cutting Strategy

We research and analyse every aspect of the project to make it less expensive and more profitable.

Product Development

We offer complete all-stage development, becoming your partners in clothing development.

Fashion & Comfort

We work close with the clients to meet their requirements to provide them the best experience of working with us. 

Companies we work with

We work with clients and partners from all around the world and we are constantly looking for new partners to continue growing.

Retail Stores

We work with the placement of brands and develop their own brands.

Clothing Factories

We bring big orders with high standard production. We only work with the best.


We create a brand on which customers can trust. We promise comfort & quality.


We are widely spread across the world so our clients can easily reach us.

Should we be in touch ?

If you are looking for a single solution, we are ready to help you with our best services.


Let us know how we can help you. It is our goal to exceed your expectations!

For general information, send an email to:


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TEL # +92-213-5123530
H/P: +92-301-8288059
Email: javed.jimmy@gmail.com

USA Sales Office
Street#38, 262 8th Ave
Manhattan – New York City
WhatsApp: +1 646 920 6507