Completely, Exactly, Reliable

Our manufacturers are well-versed in creating personalized uniform kits for educational institutions, chain stores, factories, and corporate settings. They also offer technical, specialized workwear with features such as temperature resistance for industrial needs.

Production currently focuses on industrial garments, hospital clothing, uniforms for hotels and food service, as well as specialized items such as safety wear and protective clothing.

Fabrics currently being stitched include: polycottons, cotton/filament, polyesters, core-spun fabrics, high visibility fabrics, anti-static fabrics with carbon-fiber grids, chlorine-fast fabrics, flame retardant cotton and high abrasion cotton. Most with enhanced pilling resistance and high
tensile strengths.

Much of our stitched work wear has permanent performance treatment, including 3M stain release, dual release and repel finishing, and insect-repellent finishing.

Consistent quality and reliable on-time delivery along with competitive pricing, complete customer service, and close partner relations, have made Kims Clothing a supplier of choice to top European and American work wear and uniform-supply brands.